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Formed in 2008, Comera Group remains a privately-owned Consultancy Group based in the South West of England.


The founders of Comera believe that the challenges we collectively face are increasing in complexity.


With this in mind, we position ourselves to align with our clients.


We believe in supporting them to navigate through complex environments to help them achieve their goals whilst protecting not only their assets but also the well-being of those they care about. This includes their workforce, clients, families and no less importantly, themselves.

Consultancy Led

We are by approach - consultancy led - we understand and test your objectives; we work with you to assist in the delivery of your goals by providing outsourced operational support and training

Our People

Rooted in the nature of work, we are a proudly diverse workforce that brings together subject matter experts with operational expertise and compliance in a well-being focused environment


Our wider group is currently providing services in over 42 countries globally. We are proud to be able to meet our clients' needs wherever they are based in the world


Our clients include national and multinational businesses, government departments, and non-governmental organisations. We are an SME ourselves so we are also invested in assisting small and medium-sized companies on their journeys

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We are the sum total of our parts and experiences.

Our employees and subcontractors provide solutions based upon their own expertise and knowledge.

We are a proudly diversified workforce, successfully combining expertise from robust operational backgrounds with a culture of well-being and sustainability.

Caring is not a weakness at Comera.

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Comera Group is our parent company and the values below are intrinsic to everything we do across all companies: 


We value our people, encouraging a culture of trust and inclusion

We nurture a culture of continual development

We empower our people and partners to better our world


Protecting people, businesses and the planet we live in

Ethical and sustainable practices and choices

Being resolute in our actions, making decisions based on our values first not profit


Delivering client objectives at all times

Taking ownership of outcomes

Develop relationships that make a positive difference


Delivering the very best outcome for our clients

Continually testing, assessing and improving

We take pride in delivering high quality products and services that we stand behind

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We are proud to support our NHS, Social Care workers, Emergency services and Armed Forces.

We continuously look for ways to support these vital members of our community and subscribe to both the Blue Light Card scheme and the Armed Forces Covenant


We have received the Silver Defence ERS Award.

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