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Ensuring your people are safe when at work is always top of the list, but what about when they are deployed overseas, either on a temporary assignment or longer term?​ Not only do we all strive to ensure best practice is adhered to but also, that we are doing all we can to fulfil our duty of care.

Safety Awareness in Fragile Environments (SAFE) training is an essential part of pre-deployment for any employee or contractor travelling overseas, especially those travelling to potentially Fragile or Hostile Environments.


Equipping your people to stay safe and situationally aware, even in environments that are deemed safe, is an essential part of your duty of care; it demands the very best practices. 



This training is delivered to all employees and contractors travelling to and/or living overseas for Her Majesty’s Government. This affords candidates the absolute highest quality of training - both theoretical and practical. With over 1,500 people trained per year, over 96% of candidates state that they are very satisfied with our course overall.  Your employees will benefit from this experience to equip them for their travel.

A SAFE Lite course is also available. This training gives candidates the basic skills to stay safe and be situationally aware. This is a popular course for companies with work forces working on and around major cities; as well as for universities for both Gap Year students, overseas secondments, work placements, or further still, for students on campus. This course has also proved popular for organisations wanting to develop their UK based workforces.

Contact us to discuss SAFE Training.

For Those Travelling to More Difficult Environments:

Armoured Vehicle Familiarisation,

Ballistic PPE,

Vehicle Drills,

Working With a Close Protection Team.

Topics Covered on SAFE:

Checkpoint Drills

First Aid, 

Journey Planning,

Self Defence,

Situational Awareness,

Team Building,

Threats Risk and Crime.



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