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Supporting You Through Lockdown

Comera Group was founded to provide you and your business with the advice and support you need, when and where you need it. We remain committed to doing so through the current lockdown and have innovated throughout 2020 to ensure that we can continue to support you come what may. Here’s some of what we’ve been up to:

Remote Delivery

Where possible, we have introduced remote delivery options for our services. For example, our Comera Professional consultants are able to advise via video chat. We have also introduced online versions of several of our most popular online training products, including E-SAFE for Comera Risk and online Kinetic Control courses.

COVID secure working

Where in-person delivery is essential, for example our medical training courses and renewable energy installation work, we have adopted a robust set of COVID-secure working procedures which keep our people and yours safe. Our providers undertake a thorough audit of the risks which may be present during delivery and implement appropriate controls, including PPE, decontamination and distancing.

Operational Resilience

We understand that our support functions are essential to ensuring that we can deliver successfully and have taken a variety of measures to increase resilience over the last year. This has included ensuring that everyone can work effectively from home, supported by our state of the art digital working platforms.

We’ve also implemented robust infection control procedures to ensure that, where employees do need to come into the office, they can be comfortable that they can do so safely.

E-Learning Products

We have launched e-learning products to complement our existing solutions across all of our companies. This has included developing our own in-house e-learning hub for Comera Movement Science and partnerships with Highfield E-Learning across all of our brands to provide practical skills training.

Watch This Space!

We’ll be continuing to innovate to make our services more accessible, with projects including an Online Store already in the pipeline. We look forward to continuing to support you and your business, whatever the new year may bring.

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