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Meet Louise!

Louise, I know you’re incredibly busy working across the group at the moment so thanks for taking out some time to share your Comera story with readers.

What is your role within Comera?

I am a Finance Assistant that works across the whole group of companies.

What made you want to get into finance?

I started by working in a news agent’s while doing my A Levels, I did a role which included cashing up tills each day and creating spreadsheets to allow us to manage what the business was making.

I found that I was fairly good at the finance side of the business and wanted to progress this. Then I got a job at a countrywide company in the finance department. I started paying for myself to do my AAT while working there, which I have now completed.

Eventually I plan to start progressing toward my CIMA.

What is your favourite thing about working at Comera?

I enjoy the diversity of work that I get to do. Working across the group, I get to learn different aspects of bookkeeping which I wouldn’t get if I worked elsewhere. Each day I do something different and I get to expand my knowledge which is very important to me.

What would you say inspires you?

I guess what inspires me is the want to do better, I can be hard on myself sometimes, but this makes me want to improve and continue to learn.

We all have days where things go wrong and we feel like we could have done better, but this can also be a positive thing. It makes me push myself to improve how I work and makes me want to continue my education.

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