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International Women's Day At Comera

At Comera, we pride ourselves in empowering people to lead better lives and be the best they can be, whether that means helping our clients to solve problems through consultancy and training or supporting our employees through coaching and career development. A big part of this mission is supporting the women who work with us and we are proud to support International Women’s Day.

This year, we talked to Denise Harris from Comera Group about her experiences in the workplace and how she has found working at Comera:

“To say that working for Comera has been a breath of fresh air would not be doing this company, or my colleagues, justice. Without any hesitation my expertise is welcome, my experience is recognised, my insight is valued, and my opinion is heard.

There have been times in my previous employments when I have raised valid questions but, due to reasons unbeknownst to me, they have either been ignored or brushed aside, that is never the case here. I am always heard by our Financial Director and Managing Director, continually supported by our Senior Leadership and backed by my colleagues.

The team at Comera are unlike anything I have experience in my career so far. They consistently listen my concerns and support me with my decisions. They judge me on my merits and recognise my gender for the perspective it brings.

I admire all my colleagues for their achievements and will proudly say I am delighted to work with people like these.”

We’d like to take some time today to say a big thank you to Denise and all of our female colleagues at Comera, as well as to recognise your achievements within the company.

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