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We want to have a relationship with you and we are not shy about stating this. Within our group, we provide a host of bespoke options to benefit your SME.

This Includes:


Accountancy and Management Accountancy,

Business Consultancy,

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),

Cyber Security,

Employee Movement and Health,

Financial Planning,

Human Resources (HR),

Marketing and Social Media,

Payroll and Book-Keeping,

Renewable Energy Solutions,

Tax and VAT.


Business Continuity,

Employee Development,

First Aid,

Management and Leadership,

Mental Health First Aid,

Safety Awareness in Fragile Environments (SAFE).

We package our services based on your requirements and include these into a Client Annual Service Agreement (CASA) where you pay a monthly fee for the predefined services. 

All fees are disclosed up front and in writing before being charged meaning you can be confident that when we ask you about your day, we are genuinely interested rather than incurring billable time! 

We look forward to meeting you for an initial free consultation.


You can contact us by clicking here

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