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Occupational Health services come in many shapes and sizes. It can be good to have an impartial body on your side, looking at what you have versus what you need against best practice.

Comera draws from their industry-led network of experienced Occupational Health Experts to offer GAP Analysis audits for your organisation, considering best practice in correspondence with operational requirements and risks.


Our experts will analyse and scrutinise all factors to compile an actionable report, to enable you to fulfil any statutory requirements; as well as, ensuring you are able to give the most appropriate levels of provisions.

Where clients have long or short term needs to screen low or high numbers of people, Comera can mobilise teams to come to your site of choice, both in the UK and internationally, to perform Occupational Health Screenings.

We look forward to assisting you. 

Additional Services Available Include:

Drug and Alcohol Screening,

Fitness-to-Work Assessments,

General and Work Specific Health Assessments,

Health and Wellbeing Programmes,

Health and Wellbeing Screening,

New Employee Assessments,

Specific Assessments - Professional Drivers, High Compliance Industries and Sectors,

Training - First Aid, Health and Safety, Personal Protection.


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