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Better movement means better business.

For larger organisations, injury prevention has the potential to save considerable costs in the long term. The Performance Matrix (TPM) is a dedicated platform based on our pioneering movement health management system.

In the worlds of the public sector, Non-Governmental and commercial, your people are your biggest asset so it pays to ensure that they perform at a consistently high level. Investing in movement health can ensure that you obtain greater returns from your staff.


A healthy body can help sustain a healthy mind.


The Performance Matrix is designed for - and implemented by - leading elite sports clubs and athletes. This movement assessment and retraining solution has a proven track record for successful outcomes.

Now your business can put in place a tactical strategy that engages with everyone's specific requirements. One-to-one testing and retraining provides real benefits and tangible results, as over time each participant can monitor their improvement.


The Performance Matrix can be delivered in your workplace by one of our own Movement Analysis Professionals, or alternatively we can train and support your people to perform screenings within your organisation and recommend best movement practice to help improve the movement health and injury prevention of your people.

Want to find out more about The Performance Matrix? Enquire below and we can provide you with more information.



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