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We understand the pressures of balancing the increasing costs from energy requirements with the capital requirement of investing to reduce this. When combined with the positive pressures of evidencing a robust Corporate Social Responsibility policy and the less positive challenge of tight public sector funding, this can be difficult to navigate. 

Here at Comera we can assist you. 

We have a range of solutions: from energy specialists, who asses your current arrangements and investigate potential methods to reduce your energy consumption exposure, to engineers who can design and install a range of solutions examples of which are:

We can provide analysis around the return on investment of these measures and suggest potential means of funding to spread the costs of the initial capital requirement. 

We believe in providing access to solutions which are affordable and sustainable and look forward to assisting you in your journey towards a greener future. 

Air Source Heat Pump Solutions

Electrical Vehicle Charging Solutions

Solar PV Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions


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