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Cybercrime is currently costing UK businesses billions of pounds each year with no signs of abating.  Many of the threats faced by business can be blocked by ensuring basic security measures are in place; and that staff are aware of the risks; and understand what they need to do to protect themselves and the organisation.


Here at Comera we can assist you.

We have a set of services to enable your organisation to better face cyber security threats it is likely to be presented with in the information age.

Cyber Security Awareness Training:

     Covering industry best practice and targeting the individual roles present in your organisation.


Cyber Security Health Check:

Assess your organisation's security through document reviews, workshops, interviews with key stakeholders and specialised software.  We will then provide detailed findings along with recommendations.


Specialised Software:

We have specialised software that we can install across all your devices that will safely and securely perform an audit of your systems.

Enquire to find out more.


You can contact us by clicking here

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