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The Performance Matrix (TPM) i​s an incredible product within our group. It is a product that is unique and built around the movement health philosophy. Individuals get screened through TPM and an assessement is produced on an individual basis. Below are a few case studies explaining how TPM screening has improved the health and movement of some individuals.

Back Massage
Girl Running by the Sea
Blue Bike
Ice Hockey Game

"I struggle to do a lot of quite simple low threshold movements due to my stabilising muscles in my back not firing properly and the mobilising muscles are doing the work they shouldn’t be. When I do a lot of movements I over extend and over rotate which pinches my facet joints in my lumbar spine causing irritation and pain.

My TPM Movement Specialist showed me some very simple low threshold movements to do that started to turn my stabilisers on which almost instantly relieved some of the pain, which I will do as part of my warm up to training as well as other stuff to help with movement control. My TPM Movement Specialist knows I have a competition in 5 weeks and because he deals with all lot of elite athletes he understands that I need to continue training, so everything he’s given me fits around what I’m doing. So watch this space for the rehab and recovery journey!"

"I was training for a second marathon at the beginning of the year but could not train regularly because of the pain in my back. The TPM screen and retraining gave me a better posture and a stronger running style. My running became more natural and I got faster with the same effort. The best thing though is that the stiffness and pain I had in my back daily and during training has now gone."

" I am 31 years old and a fanatical cyclist. Since I've had my back problem during cycling for 2 years, I've been looking for an opportunity to get rid of it. It hindered me so much that at some point I just couldn't put any more power on the pedals. My intention was to deal with it properly this time. I wanted to get rid of my complaints for good.

Initially, I went to a workshop to find out more. Here I understood how TPM could help me in preventing a return of the problem which was very important. For me it has been very positive, my back pain is no longer an issue. I can do long training sessions on the bike again and my testing results have improved. I also realized that in addition to cycling, I must continue to do strength and movement control work. It is important for the cyclist to get stronger; you can't make it with just the kilometres on the bike."

"I play hockey at HC Den Bosch Girls in the Netherlands. My TPM Pro Movement Specialist carried out a detailed TPM movement assessment and put a movement retraining plan together so that I would be able to play hockey again as soon as possible. I went to the clinic every week and went through all the exercises, considering what could be done to improve my performance. At the end of each training, I received updated versions of my plan ready to perform over the next week. I now notice a big difference in how I walk, during hockey I can sustain my performance for longer and even hit shots harder now."

Want to find out how to improve your health with TPM? You can contact us and a member of our team will provide you with more information.

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