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Retirement Protection

A CEO of a company had ambitions of retiring within 5 years with a property in the French Alps and a property in the UK, two cars (one for each location) and a retirement fund that would allow them to enjoy 20 years of income at £50,000 per annum​.​​

A tough ask to achieve in 5 years but our Financial team put their heads together and created a retirement plan with clear measurable objectives for each year against which we benchmark how close we are to achieving his retirement goals.

We are currently ahead of target and are looking forward to seeing the client enjoying some red wine on the balcony of his new Alpine retreat in a little over three years. Who knows, if we do well we might even get an invite to join them!


If you want to discuss how our Financial Consultancy team can help you and your finances you can enquire on our contact us page. 

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