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Comera provides Business Consultancy tailored to your requirements. 

We have Consultants who have a variety of backgrounds in: Management Accountancy, Corporate Finance, Coaching, HR, IT/Cyber Security, and Banking - along with those who have successfully founded a range of businesses. 

We understand business, and we know the highs- and lows - of being in business, having lived them first hand. 

Our mission is to understand you and your goals, the challenges you are facing; then apply our collective expertise and experience, to provide you with a number of potential solutions. 

We don't pretend to have a magic formula - business is immensely rewarding but also challenging. We are here as a critical friend to facilitate you making the best choices based on the information we can collectively accumulate and consider.

We will provide an initial meeting - free of charge. Any future relationship, will be clearly defined upfront and in writing before incurring cost.  Managing cash flow is hard enough without your advisory team adding to this burden!



We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your journey to this point and your future plans. 


You can contact us by clicking here

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