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Exit Planning:

Sometimes you know exactly what you need to assist you achieve your objectives, but you might not have the expertise in house. We are here to help. We provide a range of advice services tailored to assist SMEs to power through to the next stage of development: 



Pre-Sale Due Diligence - Audit and Prepare for Sale,

Management Buy Out,

Succession Planning.


Business Planning,

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),

Competitor Analysis,

Energy Efficiency Solutions,

Employee Movement and Health Services,

Grant Funding and Assessment Grooming,

Marketing Strategy,


Research and Development Funding.

Development Strategies:

Risk Mitigation:

Business Continuity - An Audit of Business Continuity Measures,

Data Compliance - A Particular Focus on GDPR,

Employee Duty of Care - Health and Safety, Lone Worker and Conflict Resolution,

Employee Recruitment, Reward and Retention.

We are excited about helping you through these important milestones.


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